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Welcome to ivacandids

Where a Mother's Love Meets the Art of Capturing Moments.

Know Me.

Hello!!! My story begins as a passionate mother who happens to be a mathematician. With a heart full of love and a knack for numbers, I understand the beauty of life's fleeting moments, and I turned my hobby of photography into a heartfelt mission.
Inspired by the boundless wonder in my own daughter's eyes, I realized the power of freezing time and reliving those precious moments. It was this realization that ignited the desire to replicate the same joy for other parents.
For me, safety and hygiene are of utmost importance. I know that your little ones deserve nothing but the best, and I take pride in creating a comfortable environment where they can be themselves, allowing us to capture their genuine smiles and candid moments.
Being a mother I know the importance of patience, understanding, and a warm touch. I have been there, done that, and knows exactly what it takes to make every photoshoot a delightful and memorable experience for both children and parents alike.
So, whether it's capturing the innocence of your newborn, the playful moments of your toddler, or the warmth of your family, ivacandids Photography is your partner in transforming fleeting seconds into timeless memories. With us, you'll find a mother's love, a mathematician's precision, and a photographer's passion all wrapped into one beautiful journey.

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